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yes hello this is my personal blog!! So if you are here for my art, and only my art then I highly suggest you follow my art only blog.
I reblog lots of art from others on here, and clothes I know i will never own. Along with other junk.

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Just found out there is a two animal limit at Pendleton, which is where we are moving in a couple months.

We have 3…

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so today is me and Michaels 2 year anniversary and i totally didnt even know cuz my days and nights are super fucked up and i didnt know the date so YEAH IM GARBAGE

but yeah we’ve been married 2 years and in january we’ll have been together for 8!! u v u

finally got fed up with all the spiderwebs on our porch and walkway so i went to sweep and hose it down and holy shit there were brown widows everywhere i raided those bitches our walkway smells like raid but its a spider graveyard out there

and there were a few black widows on the drain pipes so I soaked those things in raid too


i hate spiders

IM SO BAD AT THE CRUCIBLE im finally level 22 though i gotta do more strike raids but we tried doing a level 22 one on heroic and it was a fucking disaster it was pathetic it was  horrible i as in panic mode we died like 20 times

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So our house for some reason has like on some power right now, like no air conditioner, no fridge. only a few of the lights turn on and they only turn on like super dim. our internet still works but only my laptop 

its like almost 100 degrees outside i want to die

ive been at work all day with a broken air conditioner standing next to ovens AND NOW THIS

california is going to shrivel up and die

i would like to apologize to the ppl i get teamed up with in destiny 

its probably my fault we lost 


most likely

if im not blowing my self up with my grenade things im fallin off the map

I love Destiny, but I’m also really bad at it. Like god bless joe being level 20 and being able to kill stuff while i ran around and was basically target practice


love it

gotta get to level 20 tho for those pink and white shaders 

when does the next ep of gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun  air IM DYING I need it i dont even care about the main girl that much or the main guy ALL I CARE ABOUT  SEO AND KASHIMA and if they are gonna get together with those dudes thats all i care about GHGNGHGHG

Usually I think if someone copied a character, or stole/traced art, it should be taken care of in private. But there is a big difference when someone is trying to sell that shit and make a profit off of it. That shit needs to be called out. because that is so disrespectful. 

gigaratsu sent: So you got a good pounding is what you're telling us? Or rather you gave yourself a good pounding?


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