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yes hello this is my personal blog!! So if you are here for my art, and only my art then I highly suggest you follow my art only blog.
I reblog lots of art from others on here, and clothes I know i will never own. Along with other junk.

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either way she reminds me of nicki minaj in that pic i think its the nose

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machobears replied to your post: im gonna be 21 in a couple weeks and i…

You make that sound like a bad thing. Especially with the boobs.

its annoying cuz like, they’ll see my wedding ring and they’ll be like ”is that a promise ring or something?” and i’ll be like hahaha no im married AND THEY FREAK OUT like ” WHATTTTT arent you like 18 you look so young!!! how are you married??” 

or frick i’ve had someone come to the door before and be like “Hello miss, may I speak to the woman of the house?” and i’ll be like ”yes thats me” and they just went ” Haha thats funny, really, is your mom home?” AND IM JUST STANDING THERE LIKE????????????

???????? dude UR TALKIN TO HER I LIVE WITH MY HUSBAND ,SHITTY CHIHUAHUA, AND A SHITTY CAT if u want i can fucking call my mom but its gonna take her two hours to drive up here??? 


also the boob thing sucks cuz its hard to fit into clothes

im gonna be 21 in a couple weeks and i still look the same as i do when i was like 16 YEAHHHHH………………….

jexiss replied to your post: people are so fucking rude holy shit

what happened? -if you dont mind me askin

ah i work at subway so like, i just deal with really rude people sometimes. Like, if you fill out this survey online and come back with the # they give you, you get a free cookie

so this dude came in with two and was like, ”blah blah 2 free cookies ” so i was like yeah sure!!! and since im pretty new there, i turned to the girl next to me whos been working there for like over a year. and was like ”is there a special discount thing to press on the register?” and when i asked that he made this really fucking weird face/noise that made him sound almost condescending??? AND THEN

so i put it in as 2 cookies and then he asked for that receipt so he could come back and get another cookie and i was like ”uhhh sure” (since technically ur supposed to only do that with an actual purchase, but he was acting super rude and making comments the whole time about how im new and dont know anything) so i just gave it to him and then he gave me this fucking look like i was the biggest moron on the planet and was like ”UM EXCUSE ME, Can I get both receipts?? I got two cookies not one, I UNDERSTAND YOU BOTH ARE NEW but this is ridiculous.” and the girl next to me whose been working there a fucking year was like ”SIR we cannot do that, we can only give you another receipt if you make an actual purchase.”

and he WAS SO MAD at us he was like ”listen i come here all the time, im sorry you dont know any better, but i need both receipts” so finally when the girl was about to argue again i was just ”JUST PRINT THE RECEIPT” so we did and handed it to him and smiled and said ”have a nice day!!”

and he was like ”well im glad you two know something now, i shouldn’t have been the ones to have taught you that, this is something you should have already known.” and stormed out.



maybe try taking painkillers or whatever before eating it, maybe that would help? idk

well i dont eat chocolate baked goods just because its not even worth it, but when i do eat regular chocolate as soon as i feel my head start to hurt i take my migraine meds. milk chocolate and dark chocolate affect me a lot more than white chocolate. so if i get chocolate i try to stick to something white. M & Ms really fuck me up. so do plain chocolate bars.

i think its just certain types of chocolate ya know

ppl who say ”chocolate doesn’t trigger migraines” have obviously never had migraines triggered by chocolate its miserable its fucking miserable because chocolate is amazing and when i eat it its like AM I GONNA REGRET IT OR WILL IT BE OKAY

i can’t even eat chocolate brownies or cake and i love chocolate. 


I think im like halfway through Sword Art Online im at the part where they find the little girl??????? and you know its actually not that bad i mean. the side characters are all my favorite characters i dont give a fuck about the main dude and the girl but its pretty okay so far

the first character i decided ”WOW I LOVE HER PLZ STAY’ died SO im kinda upset about that

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I absorb energy through semen its a fact

GREEN TEA KIT KATS ARE AMAZING HOLY SHIT also green tea pocky dang A+

we went to this little corner store that was like a japanese market and half of it was a sanrio surprises store and i got a hk mug and 2 OTHER MUGS THAT ARE PINK AND CUTE and each only 1.50 AND HOLY SHIT TWO LITTLE THINGS OF FORKS AND SPOONS WITH LITTLE PINK JEWELS AT THE TIP LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 


Im sad and angry becuase people can be assholes without even realizing it and becuase im going to have to start walking 3 hours to and from work everyday because they moved me to a different location which is fuckin great wow i specifically asked not to be moved to la jolla and what do they do THEY MOVE ME TO LA JOLLA  thanks subway you piece of fucking shit im too fucking broke to afford taking the bus to and from each day so i guess im walking 

well at least i got paid today and was able to buy groceries and turn my phone back on and have enough money for gas and literally there goes my whole paycheck 

today is not a good day