the little nervmaid
Yes hello this is my personal blog! My names Rebecca but you can call me Nerv!
I reblog lots of art that I enjoy along with fashion, and some stuff I watch/read. Also post a lot of my art and doodles here, but if you dont want to deal with my personal text posts, you can go ahead and follow my art only blog!
This blog is NSFW! u v u
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Monster Girl Adopt- OPEN by Rebeccacablah

art blockin so i made an adopt
commission for parka-posy on da
Adoptable Spade - OPEN by Rebeccacablah
long overdue commission for evuri on dA!! i looooooooooooove this character
prize for LunaBell on dA!
Monster Girl Adopt - HEARTS: Auction by Rebeccacablah

!! u v u
Succubus Adoptable: OPEN by Rebeccacablah
Whitney from New Leaf. I have her in my town but im thinking of getting rid of her u v u but she’s still cute sO
sketch commission for halbernacht
Hope this is okay, going off of written descriptions are tough for me! D: